Is There Not a Cause?

My friend (now girlfriend), Bronwyn, and I wrote this song for a competition our college facilitated. The Scripture for Life competition challenged the student body to take a scripture and create a work of art that conveyed what that passage means to us. This is what we made.


Bye Bye AC 232

For the second half of this college semester, my Accounting professor kept on telling me that he expected me to write a song for the class (AC 232). I thought he was kidding until he started telling all his other class sections that they could expect to hear “The Accounting Song” on the last day of class.

I literally threw this together the weekend before.

Do You Still Trust Me?

I wrote this when so much fell through in my life. God allowed so much to happen, and it was like He never ceased asking me, “Do you still trust Me?”


Building a Retro Vacuum Cleaner (Made in China)

This song was funny because I started it a long time ago, and then I picked it up because I was bored. Somehow it ended up as what it is…



Ladies and gentleman, for five months, I have stumbled through this song and it has never come together. Yesterday though, I was on my face with God saying, “God! You must finish this song for Your glory! You alone, through me! This will be answered. Can’t wait to see what happens. Amen.”

And so I present to you, “Stars.”

(Thanks to Julia Van Luyk for doing most of the background vocals, lead vocals, and telephone sound effects, and to Jayden Webster as well for chipping in a little with background vocals)


Closer Than a Brother

By the way, this is free to download. Look to the upper right corner of the sound cloud player. =]


Drowning but Not